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Whisper Room 4872 4'x6' Booth FOR SALE! $2500

Currently based in the Central, FL area (Tampa, FL). Local pick up only. This was purchased in November of 2015 and used in my Voice Over and Audiobook Narration business. It came with a 5 year warranty which will be in effect until November of 2020. I have built a permanent space within my home and no longer need a portable booth for my work. Everything is in perfect condition and is very easy to install by 2 people. Included Items are as follows:

4'x6' Model 4872 Whisper Room Booth, Optional VSS Ventilation Silencing System, Optional Multi-Color Remote LED Studio Light Kit with Dimmer, Optional Model 4872 Isolation Enhancement Floor Package, All Original manuals, documentation and installation hardware, Keys, Remote Power Switch for the Fan, Custom Built Multi-Speed 9 Fan Exhaust System (I replaced the single fan exhaust it originally came with for better airflow), 6 2'x4' Burgandy Auralex Pyramid Acoustic Foam Panels, 26 1'x1' off brand wedge acoustic foam panels.

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